Pele’s digitally reconstructed goal

It's that time of the year where I make my annual post out of courtesy. I'm a big admirer of the advancements of technology. They just make things in life so cool, check this footage of Pele's most beautiful goal brought to life via digital mastery.

For those in attendance for Santos’ clash against local Brazilian side Juventus in 1959, the crowd were treated to what is regarded as Pele’s ‘most beautiful goal’.

Aged 18 at the time, the Brazilian star reportedly flicked the ball over the head of two defenders before embarrassing Juventus’ goalkeeper with the same trick to nudge the ball into the back of the net.

And what’s even more incredible is that Pele didn’t even allow the ball to bounce once as he bamboozled the opposition.

No actual video footage exists of the goal.

HUB Football League

There were some discussions at the beginning of the match today regarding a tournament being organised by Backpackers FC in Perth.

I was clued in on this team nomination form a tad too late to be organising a team in time for the start of the season but am trying to gauge as to interest for future competitions.

Please make a comment whether you'd be interested and I'll think about organising a team for the next season, given that it is successful.

Hub Football League Team Nomination

Soccer Anime Anyone?

The thought of the union of anime and soccer never crossed my mind really, but I stumbled across this anime called Knight in the Area (Area no Kishi) whilst tracking one of my more reliable fansubber groups and have grown kind of attached to it. If you're a big fan of soccer and anime, it's worth having a look.

Knight in the Area (Area no Kishi)

More info can be found on wikipedia.

You can download the series via torrent or PM me and I'll try to organise a transfer with you.

Adidas 40% Off Sale

Adidas has sent out a flyer that allows you to receive 40% off all Adidas gear from any listed retail outlet on their website til the EOFY. From reading it appears the deal doesn't apply to the local Adidas factory outlet. Just print off the attached image, I'd check with the store in question before heading down if the deal applies.

Adidas Mid Year Sale

Find a store

Black DiGiCOR shirt

Thanks to Dmytro for picking up a shirt that was left behind after one of our games.

It is a large sized, Chinese made (which shirt isn't I know ^^) black shirt with the embroidered orange logo for a company called DiGiCOR. Pictures attached. Please PM me to let me know if you wish to claim, otherwise I will try to bring it down to soccer when I remember to. As to state of cleanliness, unknown and not willing to investigate.

New site design

Had some free time due to suffering a cold / flu, so to keep busy I started doing some work on the website design and added some bits and pieces that I thought would be cool. It is based on the newsletter design recently being sent out.

Things are still being ironed out, but the overall look is there. Hope you like it.

Just a note, I've been developing mostly in Google Chrome, so the site may look out of whack on older browser versions. So far from what I can tell, the site looks good in IE8+, Firefox 12 and Chrome. Let me know if you have trouble viewing the site.


Still working on it

Apologies to the boys who signed up on the previous attempt at a website. I did a reset to incorporate the newsletter feature and will be working on a new look. Hopefully will see something a bit more fleshed out in the coming weeks.

We now have the ability to opt in / opt out of receiving the weekly mail out for kick off time and location.

I'll be working on the following features once I have some spare time:

  • Website design
  • Exclusive membership system
  • Discussions board
  • Image and video galleries
  • Anything else that comes to mind

Do come back periodically to see how the site progresses.

Hope you like the look of the inaugural newsletter that will be taking over from Thomas in the weekly mail out.